Dover needs an M.P. willing to stand up for the right to do what they were elected to do: legislate and debate.

Johnson’s shutdown of parliament is an outrage and prevents M.Ps doing their jobs and properly scrutinising any Brexit legislation he brings forward.

I have written to Dover’s M.P. asking him to stand firm against ‘no deal’ and against this undemocratic shutdown.

Open Letter to Charlie Elphicke calling on him to resist the shutdown of parliament and to oppose a no deal Brexit
Open Letter to Charlie Elphicke calling on him to resist the shutdown of parliament and to oppose a no deal Brexit

The full text of my letter is as follows:

Dear Mr. Elphicke,

As you know I’m the Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Dover & Deal. I am writing to express my serious concerns about the prorogation of parliament and I am hoping that you, as the currently elected representative for our area, will join me in doing the same.

The Dover Constituency would, as you know, be at the forefront of any adverse ‘no deal’ Brexit impact. We must – for so many reasons – avoid falling out of the E.U. without a deal. I don’t want queues at the border; surely, neither do you? I don’t want insulin or blood thinning medications to run out because the supply chains are clogged; surely, neither do you? I don’t want to see the Port of Dover lose 40% of its trade over the next 3 years; surely, neither do you?

We don’t want these things to happen, so it is vital that in these weeks leading up to 31st October, we have Dover’s case (and the case of the nation) advanced and debated in the House of Commons by our M.P., not muted by a prorogation. We have elected our representatives – currently including yourself – to check and debate legislation, not to have it forced upon us. We both know that parliamentary procedure is often arcane and frustrating; things can move slowly up in the house. Engagement (and frustration) with this democratic parliamentary process is however part of the job you have been elected to do.

I value our parliamentary democracy – otherwise, I wouldn’t have considered standing for election. In this time of national crisis, it would have made far more sense to cancel the Conference Recess to allow more time for debate, rather than take further sitting days out of the parliamentary calendar.

I would like your assurance that you will uphold democracy and do whatever is necessary to prevent a no deal Brexit.

Yours sincerely,

Charlotte Cornell

Standing outside Tory HQ in Walmer
Standing outside Tory HQ in Walmer
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